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N. Scope Notes Members
1 Ragna:Break DoT Neptune, Chang'e, Maat, Eve, N.Mona
2 Story exp, C2/2-4 Maat, Nicole/X, Charlotte, Y, Z
" NW/Dungeon LvlUp/Enh exp "
3 NW/Dungeon Gold exp Maat, Charlotte, Dana, Chang'e, Mafdet
" NW/Dungeon Evol exp "
4 NW/Re:Birth Lab exp, L5+2 N.Mona, Chang'e, Dana, Eve+Eve, Leda
5 NW/Dungeon Narr exp PowerUp, Chang'e, Dana, Maat, Eve/Thanatos/X
7-9 NW/Devil Rumble-PVP exp Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Charlotte, Syrinx
- NW/Underground exp Dana, Merlin, Lan Fei, Charlotte, Mafdet

Ragna Teams

  • dark / VanishingTwin, SecretBride
    • L.Frej, L.Neamhain, Neptune, N.Mona, L.Mona
    • Charlotte, Mafdet, Chang'e, Maat, Dana/N.Mona
  • fire / Demeter
    • Neptune, Chang'e, Maat, Eve, N.Mona
    • Pantheon, Neptune, Chang'e, N.Mona, Thanatos

World Boss

  • 3rd light / Aurora king
    • Front: Mars, Maat, Bathory, Chang'e, Eve | Dana, Leda, 3Jupiter, 1N.Mona, Pantheon
    • Rear: Saturn, SD.Mars, 2L.Werewolf, Midas, Werewolf | Khepri, Lisa, SB.Mona, Iphis, Durandal
  • 4th wood / Daphnis, Pan(v/e/p)
    • Front: Maat, Leda, Chang'e, Eve, Daoine | Dana, Mars, N.Mona, Bathory, Pantheon
    • Rear: Ailil, Tyrving, C.Bathory, Morgan, 2Jupiter, 1PS.Medb, Hermes, 3Ganesha, C.Leda, Midas

PvP Teams

  • Bathory, Pan, Isolde, Dana, Chang'e
  • Leda, Dana, Newbie Mona, Rita, Nicole


Soul Carta

  • eve: angelic smile
  • bathory: SOW
  • chang'e e neptune: showtime
  • dana: anniversary

Stacking of De/Buffs (post)

  • De/Buffs with different icons will always stack.
  • DE/Buffs with the same icon will override each other.
    The conditions are as follows:
    1. Buffs/debuffs from Drive Skills are considered to be in the highest tier, follow by Slide Skills, and lastly Tap Skills in the lowest tier.
    2. Higher tier buffs/debuffs will always override those from lower tiers. Lower tier buffs/debuffs will never override those from higher tiers and will simply be discarded.
    3. If the newly applied buffs/debuffs are in the same tier as the existing ones, the new one will always replace the old one regardless of whether the new one is stronger than the old one or not.
    4. Some exceptions are Regen buff and DoT debuffs (except Poison) which will stack.
  • Leader Buff lasts the entire fight even if the leader is KO'ed, and will never be overridden. If a new buff/debuff with the same effect as the leader buff is applied, the effects will stack.


Best leveling areas (exp/stamina ratio)

level nrm% st exp hard%
4-6 8.4 9 76 9.2
5-1 8.0 10 80 9.5
5-8 9.0 11 99 10.6
6-1 9.3 12 112 11.0
6-8 10.3 13 134 12
1-4 14.04 25 351
2-4 15.88 25 397