Android-x86 setup in Vmware
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VM Setup

  1. download the x86_64 ISO image from
  2. create a VM with an IDE disk
  3. boot, from grub prompt choose Advanced > Auto installation to disk
  4. power off

Fix video mode / booting to console

  1. mount the virtual disk
  2. edit /grub/menu.lst
  3. add boot params: nomodeset vga=ask
  4. umount, boot VM, press enter at the prompt to see vga modes
  5. convert the desired vga mode from hex to dec, eg:
    • 1152x864@32 = 342 HEX = 834 DEC
    • 1920x1080@32bpp = 367 HEX = 871 DEC
  6. power off
  7. set display size to 1152x864 with 1 monitor
  8. remount disk, change boot params to nomodeset vga=834
  9. change timeout=2 to shorten boot time
  10. umount and boot

Enable 3D acceleration

Add = "TRUE" in ~/.vmware/preferences or in /etc/vmware/config

Disable animations

  1. Enable developer options: go to Settings > About phone, then tap on Build number several times to enable it
  2. Go to Settings > Developer options, and scroll down to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale
  3. Tap on each of the animation options and turn them off

Source: android-x86 docs, boot to terminal fix, vga modes, vmware 3d blacklist