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  • pour onyx on: Bathory
  • pump: midas, Navi, thetis
  • SPA:
    • Thisbe, Neptune, Pomona, Athena, Dana
    • Bathory, Chang'e, N.Mona, Moa, Syrinx


Slot Scope Notes Members
Slot Scope Notes Members
1 Ragna:Break DoT vedi sezione
2 Story exp, C2/2-4 Maat, Chang'e, Charlotte, X, Y
" NW/Dungeon LvlUp/Enh exp "
3 NW/Dungeon Gold exp Maat, Charlotte, Dana, Chang'e, Mafdet
" NW/Dungeon Evol exp "
4 NW/Re:Birth Lab exp, L5+3 EveS, Chang'eST, DanaS, 1NeptuneTSS, PomonaS
5 NW/Dungeon Narr exp PowerUp, Chang'e, Dana, Maat, Eve/X
6-10 NW/Devil Rumble-PVP exp vedi sezione
- NW/Underground exp Merlin, Lan Fei, Dana, Charlotte, Mafdet

Ragna Break (1 coin = 10 gold)

x x x x x
R.Frej C.Neamhain Neptune N.Mona L.Mona
Charlotte Mafdet Chang'e Maat Dana/N.Mona
  • vs light /
x x x x x
x x x x x
2S.DaviS ThanatosSTTTT 1N.MonaS 3LeoS PantheonS
1B.LisaS NeptuneS 2N.MonaS NicoleT PantheonS
x x x x x
C.BathoryT 2NeptuneST 3N.MonaST 1ThisbeTS L&H.DaviT
x x x x x
Neptune Chang'e Maat Eve N.Mona
Pantheon Neptune Chang'e N.Mona Eve

World Boss Teams (use 1x speed)

x x x x x
SB.Mona Pantheon Thisbe Mars Thetis
N.Mona Brownie BathoryTS 2Navi Midas
B.Aria R.Frej BastetT Maat Neptune
1DM.WerewolfTS L.Mona C.Luna Sytry 3D.Saturn
x x x x x
Mars Maat Bathory Chang'e Eve
Dana Leda 3Jupiter 1N.Mona Pantheon
Saturn P.Mars Midas 2DM.Werewolf Werewolf
Kubaba Khepri L.Maat Iphis Durandal
x x x x x
Maat Leda Mars Chang'e 3N.Mona
1Navi Midas Bathory DM.WerewolfST ThetisSTSSS
Pantheon Sytry Brownie B.Lisa 2S.Mona
AbaddonT JacheongbiT NicoleT Ayane LeifangT
x x x x x
Mars Maat Bathory Chang'e Eve
Dana Leda Daoine N.Mona Pantheon
Ailil Tyrving Midas Morgan 2Jupiter
1PS.Medb Hermes 3Ganesha C.Leda C.Bathory
x x x x x
MarsS MaatS BathoryTS Chang'eST BillyS
MidasS LedaS ThanathosT 2N.MonaS PantheonS
FoJ.MafdetTSS SalomeS BabelS DM.WerewolfST S.MonaS
DeinoS CalipsoS 1SS.DaviS 3NaviS SytryS
  • 6° slot testing

PvP Teams

Slot VS Team
Slot VS Team
6 * Athena, Chang'e, Dana, Neptune, P.B.Pomona immortals
7 Rita (death heal) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, N.Mona, Nicole
8 Moa (pretify), Pomona (clean) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Syrinx, Lan Fei
9 Fire.Bathory (crit) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Syrinx, Moa main team
10 Isolde (freeze) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Syrinx, Nicole

Equipment enhance system (post, g-sheet, images)

probability 0.2 1% 5% 26.8% 37% 30%
transfer cost in stones 50 25 10 3 2 1


  1. increase stats
    • S = bump HP/Atk/all
    • A = add %Atk>Hp, %Hp>Atk, bump Crt
    • B-E = add %X>Y
  2. increase damage (PVE: add %>Damage, PVP: S-rank or attacking tap/slide add %X>Damage)
    • S = attacking add %>Damage OR add %X>Damage
    • A-E = attacking add %>Damage OR add %Hp-Atk-Def-Agl-Crt>Damage
  3. recover Hp OR increase damage (PVE: ignore Def, PVP: ignore Def, recover %Dmg>Hp if needed)
    • S = attacking ignore Def offset OR attacking/defeat recover %Dmg>Hp/%MaxHp>Hp
    • A/C = attacking: ignore Def offset OR recover %Dmg>Hp
    • B/D = attacking ignore Def offset OR defeat recover %MaxHp>Hp


  1. increase stats
    • S = bump HP/Def/all
    • A = add %Atk>Hp, %Hp>Def, bump Agl
    • B-E = add %X>Y
  2. reduce damage (PVP: additionally reduce Damage)
    • S = reduce any attack % OR by %X
    • A = reduce tap/slide/drive % OR by %Hp
    • B = reduce tap/slide/drive % OR by %Atk
    • C-E = reduce tap/slide/drive % by %chance OR by %Def/Agl/Crt
  3. recover Hp OR ignore Def offset (PVP: offset>recover)
    • S = recover % OR % by %chance OR ignore DEF offset
    • A-E = recover % by %chance OR ignore DEF offset


  1. increase stats
    • S = bump HP/Atk/Def/all
    • A = bump Crt/Agl OR add %Atk>Hp/Def, %Hp>Atk/Def
    • B-E = add %X>Y
  2. increase buff/debuff/heal (PVP: S/E rank or aim for a specific bump)
    • S = bump debuff EVA/ACC %
    • A = bump Confuse/Sleep EVA/ACC %
    • B = bump Silence/Stun EVA/ACC %
    • C = bump Freeze/Petrify EVA/ACC %
    • D = bump Blind/DeathHeal EVA/ACC %
    • E = bump RecoveryBlock EVA/ACC % OR bump Heal/Regen %
  3. increase skill/drive gauge (PVP: When hit by a Tap Skill)
    • S = attacking/attacked/defeat bump/reduce skill/drive gauge % by %chance
    • A/C = attacked/defeat bump drive gauge % by %chance
    • B/D/E = attacking/attacked reduce/bump skill gauge % by %chance


Soul Carta

  • eve: angelic smile
  • bathory: SOW
  • chang'e e neptune: showtime
  • dana: anniversary

Stacking of De/Buffs (post)

  • De/Buffs with different icons will always stack.
  • DE/Buffs with the same icon will override each other.
    The conditions are as follows:
    1. Buffs/debuffs from Drive Skills are considered to be in the highest tier, follow by Slide Skills, and lastly Tap Skills in the lowest tier.
    2. Higher tier buffs/debuffs will always override those from lower tiers. Lower tier buffs/debuffs will never override those from higher tiers and will simply be discarded.
    3. If the newly applied buffs/debuffs are in the same tier as the existing ones, the new one will always replace the old one regardless of whether the new one is stronger than the old one or not.
    4. Some exceptions are Regen buff and DoT debuffs (except Poison) which will stack.
  • Leader Buff lasts the entire fight even if the leader is KO'ed, and will never be overridden. If a new buff/debuff with the same effect as the leader buff is applied, the effects will stack.


Best level to farm

  • 1-4.2 1* fire material, ragna tickets.
  • 4-6.4: 2* childs, 2* fire material.

See also:, farm tables.

HOR stats

Fill mileage gauge with failed attempts: 29x10% + 1x12.5% = 363 blood gems

Best leveling areas (exp/stamina ratio)

level nrm% st exp hard%
level nrm% st exp hard%
4-6 8.4 9 76 9.2
5-1 8.0 10 80 9.5
5-8 9.0 11 99 10.6
6-1 9.3 12 112 11.0
6-8 10.3 13 134 12
1-4 14.04 25 351
2-4 15.88 25 397
4-4 18.08 25 452