Midnight Commander shortcuts
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Panel Functions

Keys Function
TAB switch focus between panels
Alt ? open search (find) dialog
Alt s incremental search (press again for the next match)
Alt i sync panels directories on current one
Alt t switch among panel layouts in loop
Ctrl r refresh active panel
Ctrl u swap panels

Common Functions

Keys Function
Insert toggle mark on selected file
* toggle marked files
+ marks files based on a pattern
- unmarks files based on a pattern
Shift Down mark file and move to the next entry
Shift Up mark file and move to the previous entry
Shift F5 copy single file
Shift F6 move single file
Ctrl x c open chmod dialog for marked file
Ctrl x o open chown dialog for marked file
Ctrl x s make a symbolic link of the current file

Shell functions

Keys Function
Alt Enter copy selected filename in command line
Ctrl Shft Enter copy full path of selected file in the command line
Alt H shows command line history

Useful settings

Here is my configuration (press F9 to navigate the menu):

Option menu Option
Configuration check_box Verbose operation
check_box Compute totals
check_box Auto save setup
Layout check_box_outline_blank Hintbar visible
Panel options check_box_outline_blank Show hidden files
check_box Auto save panels setup
check_box File highlight > File types
Appearance darkfar theme

Left/Right menu Option
Listing mode check_box User defined > half type name | size:4 | perm

Source: Klimer, MC HP, Kayxl, ArchLinux forum