Kano keyboard
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  • green (solid, flashing): white usb radio connection status
  • green, fast fashing: low battery
  • blue: bluetooth status
  • orange: capslock status
  • red: charging


  • FN+Bluetooth: toggle bluetooth radio on/off
    • pairing: search for the keyboard, start pairing, input PIN on keyboard and press Enter
  • FN+Space: toggle trackpad speed normal/fast
  • FN+Ctrl: send MacOS Command key
  • FN+Esc: toggle tap-to-click on/off; if turned on:
    • one finger tap = click
    • two finger tap = right click
    • two finger swipe = scroll up/down
  • reset: press the tiny hole with a paperclip for about 5 seconds
  • reset radio pairing: hold ESC and press PowerOn, green led flashes, connect white usb dongle to pc, green led turns solid

Source: help.kano.me, manual@fccid.io