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Destiny Child game resources
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ID DB Reddit Moot Discord
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  • infinite duel:
    • mech commander +1
    • angel lot +5
    • volunteer deino +5
    • glittering apollo +1
    • guardian legend +5
  • SPA: C.Bathory, G.Hildr, Ophois, Athena, SL.Sytry


Slot Scope Notes Members
Slot Scope Notes Members
1 Ragna:Break DoT vedi sezione
2 Story exp, C2/2-4 Maat, Thisbe, Eve, 2LvlUp, 2LvlUp
" NW/Dungeon LvlUp/Enh exp "
3 NW/Dungeon Gold exp Maat, Thisbe, Dana, Eve, G.Hildr
" NW/Dungeon Evol exp "
4 NW/Re:Birth Lab exp, L5+3 EveS, ThisbeS, DanaS, 1NeptuneTSS, PomonaS
5 NW/Dungeon Narr exp Boost, Boost, Dana, Maat, Eve
6-10 NW/Devil Rumble-PVP exp vedi sezione
- NW/Underground exp Maat, Neptune, Dana, Eve, G.Hildr

Ragna Break (1 coin = 10 gold)

x x x x x
1SemeleTS BastetT 3LupinSTT 2L.Mona Dw.Saturn
1Ophois ElizabethT 3N.MonaST Pomona 2Pantheon
R.Frej C.Neamhain Neptune N.Mona L.Mona
Charlotte Mafdet Chang'e Maat Dana/N.Mona
x x x x x
3M.ArtemisT Pantheon 2Thisbe Pomona 1N.MonaST
x x x x x
2S.DaviS ThanatosSTTTT 1N.MonaS 3LeoS PantheonS
1B.LisaS NeptuneS 2N.MonaS NicoleT PantheonS
x x x x x
AbaddonT NeptuneSST 1N.MonaSTS 2F.SytryS 3B.LisaS
C.BathoryT 2NeptuneST 3N.MonaST 1ThisbeTS L&H.DaviT
x x x x x
Eve 2S.Davi 1N.MonaSTTT 3Leo Pantheon
Neptune Chang'e Maat Eve N.Mona
Pantheon Neptune Chang'e N.Mona Eve

World Boss Teams (use 1x speed)

x x x x x
Mars Pantheon ThetisSTSSS Luin N.MonaSTS
1Navi BathoryTS Midas A.Davi Babel
C.Luna L.Mona Pomona 2DM.WerewolfST 3D.Saturn
G.Hildr B.AriaTSS LauraTSS Fl.Sytry Sytry
x x x x x
Mars Maat 1Thisbe Bathory ThethisSTSSS
N.Mona F.Luin S.MonaTS Midas 2Navi
3LupinSTTTT A.Davi Brownie F.Sytry DM.WerewolfST
Ophois KubabaTSS Khepri S.Sytry Babel
x x x x x
Pantheon Leda B.Lisa Thisbe 2N.MonaST
3Navi Midas Bathory DM.WerewolfST ThetisSTSSS
Maat Sytry D.Venus Mars 1S.Mona
AbaddonT JacheongbiT NicoleT Ayane Hel
x x x x x
Thisbe W.Pomona Sytry DM.WerewolfST Pantheon
N.Mona F.Luin Bathory Navi Midas
C.BathoryTSS Ailil 2S.LedaTSS Mars Daoine
1PS.MedbST C.LedaTSS 3Ganesha S.Mona ThetisSTSSS
x x x x x
MarsS MaatS BathoryTS Chang'eST BillyS
MidasS LedaS ThanathosT 2N.MonaS PantheonS
FoJ.MafdetTSS SalomeS BabelS DM.WerewolfST S.MonaS
DeinoS CalipsoS 1SS.DaviS 3NaviS SytryS
  • 6° slot testing

PvP Teams

Slot VS Team
Slot VS Team
6 * Athena, Chang'e, Dana, Neptune, P.B.Pomona immortals
7 Rita (death heal) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, N.Mona, Nicole
8 Moa (pretify), Pomona (clean) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Syrinx, Lan Fei
9 Fire.Bathory (crit) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Syrinx, Moa main team
10 Isolde (freeze) Bathory, Chang'e, Dana, Syrinx, Nicole

Equipment enhance system (post1, post2, g-sheet, images)

probability 0.2 1% 5% 26.8% 37% 30%
transfer cost in stones 50 25 10 3 2 1


  1. increase stats
    • S = bump HP/Atk/all
    • A = add %Atk>Hp, %Hp>Atk, bump Crt
    • B-E = add %X>Y
  2. increase damage (PVE: add %>Damage, PVP: S-rank or attacking tap/slide add %X>Damage)
    • S = attacking add %>Damage OR add %X>Damage
    • A-E = attacking add %>Damage OR add %Hp-Atk-Def-Agl-Crt>Damage
  3. recover Hp OR increase damage (PVE: ignore Def, PVP: ignore Def, recover %Dmg>Hp if needed)
    • S = attacking ignore Def offset OR attacking/defeat recover %Dmg>Hp/%MaxHp>Hp
    • A/C = attacking: ignore Def offset OR recover %Dmg>Hp
    • B/D = attacking ignore Def offset OR defeat recover %MaxHp>Hp


  1. increase stats
    • S = bump HP/Def/all
    • A = add %Atk>Hp, %Hp>Def, bump Agl
    • B-E = add %X>Y
  2. reduce damage (PVP: additionally reduce Damage)
    • S = reduce any attack % OR by %X
    • A = reduce tap/slide/drive % OR by %Hp
    • B = reduce tap/slide/drive % OR by %Atk
    • C-E = reduce tap/slide/drive % by %chance OR by %Def/Agl/Crt
  3. recover Hp OR ignore Def offset (PVP: offset>recover)
    • S = recover % OR % by %chance OR ignore DEF offset
    • A-E = recover % by %chance OR ignore DEF offset


  1. increase stats
    • S = bump HP/Atk/Def/all
    • A = bump Crt/Agl OR add %Atk>Hp/Def, %Hp>Atk/Def
    • B-E = add %X>Y
  2. increase buff/debuff/heal (PVP: S/E rank or aim for a specific bump)
    • S = bump debuff EVA/ACC %
    • A = bump Confuse/Sleep EVA/ACC %
    • B = bump Silence/Stun EVA/ACC %
    • C = bump Freeze/Petrify EVA/ACC %
    • D = bump Blind/DeathHeal EVA/ACC %
    • E = bump RecoveryBlock EVA/ACC % OR bump Heal/Regen %
  3. increase skill/drive gauge (PVP: When hit by a Tap Skill)
    • S = attacking/attacked/defeat bump/reduce skill/drive gauge % by %chance
    • A/C = attacked/defeat bump drive gauge % by %chance
    • B/D/E = attacking/attacked reduce/bump skill gauge % by %chance

Ignition Cores guide

ignition units suggestions 1, 2:

element units hitsXunits
element units hitsXunits
water FoJ.Mafdet 3x2, Thisbe, Eve 2x3, Isolde
wood F.Sytry x3, Ayane 2x3 (WB), Daphnis 3x2 (WB), Pan
fire C.Bathory 3x2
light G.Hildr 3x2, Athena (reflect+barrier), Moa
dark Ophois 2x3 (def blast)

Where to allocate the cores:

Amp On Notes
Amp On Notes
ATK attackers for sliders then tappers, also boosts Heal
AGL attackers for Ragna and WB, boosts weak point DMG and debuff ACC
CRT attackers for WB and PvP, boosts CRT DMG (great for fever+focus, eg. B.Hildr) and Heal
DEF, HP supporters, defenders for PvP
  • debuffers often hit two or three times and can generally benefit from amplified ATK/AGL/CRT more than supporters, defenders, and healers.
  • sometimes partial ignition is enough to greatly improve a child's skills (eg. 5 cores to L.Werewolf changes her defense down debuffs from flat amount to a percentage)

Really good cores:

Amp Sub
Amp Sub
CRT misc

Raid Stats

  • Your Attacker at the very least should have AMP ATK and AMP CRT. The third slot is optimally another AMP ATK or AMP AGL. Pair with Pantheon or Melpomene, Newbie Mona for Aid boosts, followed by raid specific Childs.
  • Forgot healing, you won't be needing it. Focus on DPS; doesn't matter whether you have 90% HP or 1% HP left, a one-shot is a one-shot. If you have Light Neptune, then you got both bases covered.

WB Stats

  • Focus on Igniting 2 Attackers per element to launch your DPS. Focus on 6-hit sliders before moving onto 4-hit tappers
    • Fire: Courtesan Bathory, Sole Sword Tiamat
    • Water: Eve, Mafdet / Thanatos
    • Wood: Ayane, Daphnis / Mech Commander
    • Light: Gunslinger Hildr
    • Dark: Khepri
  • Ignite Shrine Werewolf and Sweet Sytry (Light) to Level 5. Their debuff and buff, respectively, go from a flat number to percentage.
  • Ignite 4* Calchas to level 5 Ignition to get another Dancing Blade. it stacks with Lady Bathory's Slide as well as Sunbeach Mona's Drive.

PVP Stats

  • Courtesan Bathory is queen. Slide targets other attackers to nuke offensive teams, free bonuses without conditions, and a tap that boosts attack. Definitely a priority to Ignite. Recommend AMP DEF / AMP ATK / AMP ATK or AMP CRT (depending on Pantheon/Melpomene).
  • A personal favorite of mine is Ignited Cube Moa (Light). Drive improves to hit 3 targets, Slide now has a 80% chance to reset skill gauges on top of petrifying for 3 hits instead of 2. A minor improvement at first sight, but can hugely delay the actions of the opposing team.
  • Typical Cores should have AMP DEF and AMP ATK at the least. Attackers should have another AMP ATK or AMP CRT if Pantheon is on your squad. Every other unit could use more AMP DEF.
  • It's difficult to Ignite specifically for PVP without getting in the way of other content. Unless you want to create another unit entirely to support that, it's a weighing decision dependent on how active you are in the top 100 of PVP. Collecting your 50 wins and cashing in free crystals and coins? Don't bother being fancy with AMP DEF cores. Want to consistently cash in a top 25 performance on a weekly level? Go ham.


Soul Carta

  • eve: angelic smile
  • bathory: SOW
  • chang'e e neptune: showtime
  • dana: anniversary

Stacking of De/Buffs (post)

  • De/Buffs with different icons will always stack.
  • DE/Buffs with the same icon will override each other.
    The conditions are as follows:
    1. Buffs/debuffs from Drive Skills are considered to be in the highest tier, follow by Slide Skills, and lastly Tap Skills in the lowest tier.
    2. Higher tier buffs/debuffs will always override those from lower tiers. Lower tier buffs/debuffs will never override those from higher tiers and will simply be discarded.
    3. If the newly applied buffs/debuffs are in the same tier as the existing ones, the new one will always replace the old one regardless of whether the new one is stronger than the old one or not.
    4. Some exceptions are Regen buff and DoT debuffs (except Poison) which will stack.
  • Leader Buff lasts the entire fight even if the leader is KO'ed, and will never be overridden. If a new buff/debuff with the same effect as the leader buff is applied, the effects will stack.


Best level to farm

  • 1-4.2 1* fire material, ragna tickets.
  • 4-6.4: 2* childs, 2* fire material.

See also:, farm tables.

Crystal farming with Exploration -- post

Type Exp Crystals Hours C/h Notes
Type Exp Crystals Hours C/h Notes
2* 1950 500 19 26 (12hr + 6hr + 1hr)
3* 7500 750 72 19 (12hr + 6hr + 1hr + 1hr)*3 + (12h)

HOR stats

Fill mileage gauge with failed attempts: 29x10% + 1x12.5% = 363 blood gems.

In my experience it's best to use 14x4* every time for a ~30% chance.

Best leveling areas (exp/stamina ratio)

Farm 5* fodder from 4*: evolve 4x non fire 4* along 1x 6* attacker via 30 battles (750 stamina) in hot time @ lvl 3-2-IV.8 on auto.

level nrm% st exp hard%
level nrm% st exp hard%
4-6 8.4 9 76 9.2
5-1 8.0 10 80 9.5
5-8 9.0 11 99 10.6
6-1 9.3 12 112 11.0
6-8 10.3 13 134 12
1-4 14.04 25 351
2-4 15.88 25 397
4-4 18.08 25 452
2-IV 20.8 25 520

~~~ * ~~~

Test image for color, grayscale, or single hue gradient attachment
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Cover original

Discussing with the amazing guys at ImageMagick forums I ended up with this solution:

  1. compute sat_mean: the mean saturation percentage (1-100%)
  2. compute hue_st_dev: the standard deviation of the unique hues (without considering their absolute frequency)
  3. compute hue2_st_dev: the standard deviation of the 180° shifted unique hues (to workaround the red hue wrapping at 360°)
  4. if sat_mean >= 30, then it's a colored image
  5. if sat_mean < 10, then it's a grayscale image
  6. if sat_mean is between 10 and 30, compute hue_sd = MIN(hue_st_dev, hue2_st_dev): if hue_sd > 25 then it's a colored image otherwise it's a grayscale one.

In order to compute those values I extracted the image's histogram, converting the image to 64 colors:

convert fname.ext -dither FloydSteinberg -colors 64 -colorspace HSB -format %c histogram:info:-

in this manner I have a good enough approximation of the image hues and a smaller dataset to elaborate.

Before computing hue I removed all low saturation rows as their corresponding hues are not meaningful.

Attached to this post you can find a Ruby script I wrote to perform this test.

For the image set in the post cover the results are the following (images in alphabetical order):

bash$ ls|sort|while read fname; do ../test.rb "$fname"; done
hq_1-color.jpg                  S:58.40  H:35.78  H2:21.83  N:64  R: 5  O: 20%  =>    colored
hq_1-color-low.jpg              S:48.27  H:33.78  H2:24.44  N:64  R: 6  O: 24%  =>    colored
hq_2-gray1.png                  S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:64  R:64  O:100%  =>    grayscale
hq_2-gray2.png                  S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:64  R:64  O:100%  =>    grayscale
hq_2-gray3.png                  S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:64  R:64  O:100%  =>    grayscale
hq_3-col1_H240-S50-L0.png       S:17.38  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:63  R: 5  O: 74%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
hq_3-col1_H250-S60-L0.png       S:18.88  H: 0.49  H2: 0.49  N:64  R: 4  O: 73%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
hq_3-col1_H40-S50-L0.png        S:17.38  H: 0.72  H2: 0.72  N:64  R: 5  O: 74%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
hq_3-col2_H360-S80-L0.png       S:15.12  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:63  R: 3  O: 82%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
hq_3-col3_H360-S80-L40.png      S:20.81  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:61  R: 4  O: 75%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
hq_3-gradient.jpg               S:23.02  H: 7.88  H2: 5.97  N:64  R:11  O: 50%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
hq_4-monochrome.png             S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N: 2  R: 2  O:100%  =>    grayscale
hq_5-white-red.png              S:20.88  H:  NaN  H2:  NaN  N: 2  R: 1  O: 79%  =>    monochrome
lq_1-color.jpg                  S:54.94  H:35.62  H2:22.30  N:64  R:12  O: 30%  =>    colored
lq_1-color-low.jpg              S:44.92  H:33.14  H2:24.68  N:64  R:10  O: 33%  =>    colored
lq_2-gray1.jpg                  S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:16  R:16  O:100%  =>    grayscale
lq_2-gray2.jpg                  S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:16  R:16  O:100%  =>    grayscale
lq_2-gray3.jpg                  S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:16  R:16  O:100%  =>    grayscale
lq_3-col1_H240-S50-L0.jpg       S:15.24  H:16.70  H2:16.87  N:64  R:16  O: 74%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
lq_3-col1_H250-S60-L0.jpg       S:17.24  H:16.48  H2:16.74  N:64  R:15  O: 75%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
lq_3-col1_H40-S50-L0.jpg        S:16.57  H:20.04  H2:15.23  N:64  R:18  O: 71%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
lq_3-col2_H360-S80-L0.jpg       S:14.02  H:41.89  H2:14.72  N:64  R:18  O: 80%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
lq_3-col3_H360-S80-L40.jpg      S:23.07  H:38.80  H2:16.24  N:64  R: 9  O: 56%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
lq_3-gradient.jpg               S:12.58  H:10.14  H2:10.39  N:64  R:17  O: 78%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat
lq_4-monochrome.jpg             S: 0.00  H: 0.00  H2: 0.00  N:16  R:16  O:100%  =>    grayscale
lq_5-white-red.jpg              S:24.19  H:41.33  H2:20.64  N:64  R: 4  O: 69%  =>    monochrome_mid_sat

the columns are:

  • S saturation mean
  • H unique hue standard deviation
  • H2 180° shifted unique hue standard deviation
  • N number of colors
  • R removed rows from the histogram (outlayers)
  • O percent of outlayered pixels
  • resulting image type

Images named lq_* are the quality=1 JPEG conversion of the same image set.

Source: ImageMagick thread

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Consumi elettrodomestici attachment
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«Casa, Vacanze, Accendi/Spegni
potenza xW = 220V * yA»


Elettrodomestico Consumo
(max 3300-3520 W/h)
STIRO 1563
CAFFE' 1425
MICROONDE FORNO 2600 (1500 a regime)
CONDIZIONATORE 368-1373-1580
PHON 1 146
PHON 2 1060
PHON 3 1960


  • GAS

~~~ * ~~~

Firefox personalizations attachment
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My about:config settings

  • browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground = true @
  • security.dialog_enable_delay = 100 @
  • set a custom user agent:

    1. Add new string value general.useragent.override
    2. Enter your preferred UA
    3. Check it on

    This is especially useful if you are on an ARM device (like raspberry pi) and google keeps giving you its mobile version, for example:

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux armv7l; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0    # before
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0    # after

Firefox user interface

From mozilla forum:

  1. in about:config set toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets = true
  2. clone & install custom CSS from
  3. uncomment @import "./css/tabs/tabs_below_navigation_toolbar_fx89.css";

Source:, CustomCSSforFx

~~~ * ~~~

Vini assaggiati
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«Tipologie di vino assaggiate dal 1/3/2021»
Nome Luogo Grado Colore Note
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Abruzzo 12.5 rosso pasta, carne rossa, formaggi stagionati (un po' acerbo, pulisce il palato)
Verduzzo dorato Friuli Venezia Giulia 13 bianco (molto amabile, dolce e impercettibilmente frizzante)
Bonarda Lombardia 12 rosso frizzante, sughi di carne, carni aromatizzate, salumi (meglio servito freddo)
Barbera Piemonte 12.5 rosso affettati, primi, carne rossa, formaggi
Nero di Troia Puglia 13 rosso carne rossa, formaggi stagionati (sembra rum)
Malvasia Salento 13.5 rosso da meditazione
Negroamaro Salento 12 rosso carne
Primitivo Salento 12.5 rosso carne, selvaggina, primi (gusto spiccato che fa acquolina)
Nero d'Avola Sicilia rosso
Syrah Sicilia 12.5 rosso carne rossa, formaggi media stagionatura
Bardolino Veneto 12 rosso primi patti, carni non impegnative (profumo e sapore molto simile al nostro)